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Why a good design helps SEO optimization

Your site is on the first searches page, congratulations! SEO promotion placed your site next to the big boys. What happens next? Possible clients visit your virtual office. Your site takes ages to load and when it finally does, flashing colors, small letters and inappropriate graphics appear. All these do not allow them to focus. They are still here, but not for long. They try to find the search product button; it takes them like one important minute. They want to buy but why oh why do they have to complete all those ugly forms? And they are out of there thanks to the go back browser button.       
SEO optimization means to get on top and it mean to stay there. When a customer enters your office, everything matters, not only the location. Is there a smiley nice face greeting him? Is he in a tidy and clean room? Can he ask someone for a glass of water or a coffee? Do the employers  respect him and listen to what he says? All these can be in some way present on a site. Do not forget that presentation is as important as location and information. 
People trust their eyes. When you search for a  reliable business, every detail counts. The aspect of a site it is called a layout. It is a canvas that later, programmers integrate into the site’s design. Depending on the budget and niche, designers can be extremely creative though creativity is not a must, functionality is.  Unless you are in an artistic niche and advertise creativity, your site has to be pleasant for the eye and most off all easy to go trough. All of us, associate colors with specific services, like blue with the financial niche, green with medical and health care and so on. Tough we do not stop to think of these things, on a psychological level we get them from the start.From childhood we create our cultural and visual references and we usually stick to them.    
We need to feel safe, to know we are in the right place. A lot of unexperienced web designers  are amazed of graphics editing program\'s capabilities and use strong shadows, many flashy colors and effects. They forget to think of how the user will react. When a client enters your site he doesn’t do it to admire and analyse your graphic design. He enters in search of information and help. How will it see that information? Remember he is not a fan or a groupie of what you offer. Most of times he is there because he has questions and wants answers. If the desired info is there but its placement is messy, people will get confused and irritated. And thus, they click the go back button and get access to a large list of your competitors. 
A good layout means good use of colors, white space and proportions. A header a body content, a side bar and a footer are what a visitor expects to find so he will know were to look for his desired info. The smart part in creating a good looking site is to play by the rules and to create a 99% conventional site. Use the rest of 1% to be creative. Doing so you offer your clients the functionality they crave for in a pleasent  layout. 
SEO optimization and quality content are a must for the success of your online business. While continual SEO promotion work and new content is needed to stay in the top, a good layout is created once. So, when creating a new site for your business, imagine you build a fresh new office that will never deteriorate.  

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