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NASSAU private jet charter

If you’re already planning your summer trip, you might want to take into account flying to the Bahamas. If you’ve done it before, you probably miss it already, as it’s one of the best destinations you have, travelling either from the US or from South America. The fabulous beaches, the local themed parties going on till dawn and the myriad of little islands (many of them uninhabited) you can explore are enough reasons to pack your bags and set your compass to the Bahamas. And if you never travelled to the Caribbean, well, you have above a couple of reasons to do so.

 Indifferent of the budget you set aside for the summer holiday, you’ll find something for you, especially in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas and the place to find the best hotels, restaurants and expedition trips in the islands. You can choose from either upscale resorts, where you’ll be treated like a king, and have a huge room overlooking one of the world’s most beautiful places. Or you can go for a family package, and for a reasonable fee you’ll be able to enjoy fabulous natural scenery, fusion cuisine, diving and other activities that will make those 12 days of holiday the best you ever had.

Nassau is the biggest city in the islands, has a fabulous port you can reach via one of the ships that dock every day or via the international airport situated only 10 miles west of the city center. You can fly there from the US really fast, as it’s only 300 km from Miami. There are many companies having regular flights there, or you can go for a nassau private jet charter, that will get you there when you want it, much faster than a normal flight.

 The town itself is a marvel, with many “old world” buildings being preserved and used as cafes, restaurants or hotels. So if you ever wanted a “Pirates of the Caribbean” setting for your holiday, Nassau is a great place to visit. Don’t worry, the city has everything you need, including high end resorts, access to internet, fabulous clubs and good roads, so you won’t feel like there’s anything missing or hindering with your perfect vacation. The port is especially dynamic, as you can interact with fishermen, eat fresh fish soup and get a good deal for an expedition to one of the islands around the port. Just like in the old days, all you have to do is go the port and your adventure can begin from there. Or, of course, you can just walk down the scenic beach and just get a great tan and swim in the crystal clear waters or arrange a scuba diving expedition.

Nassau is really close to one of the most spectacular resorts in the Bahamas, namely Paradise Island. The island is the host of Atlantic resort, which is dubbed as the Vegas by the sea, because it has many casinos and breath taking buildings. Actually, the Atlantic boosts the most expensive hotel room in a world, the Bridge suite, which as the name suggests, is a bridge connecting the two towers of the suite. Sounds and looks amazing but make sure you have 25.000 dollars to spend per night to sleep there.

The island is also home of some great tennis and golf courses, so you won’t miss out on any of your hobbies during the holiday. The streets of Nassau host a number of great festivals during the year, the most important being Junkanoo, which is a street parade taking place on the second day of Christmas and on January 1st, during the night- what better way to spend the end of the year and the start of the new one?

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